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"On the day of my wedding I was nervous, freaked out to say the least! Nothing had been going right and please don't get me started on the drama that is the "behind the scenes" of a wedding! On top of it all I was feeling a little bad about myself. That weekend when I got ready to finally be the center of attention at my husband and I's wedding I decided I was ugly. Yup, down right ugly and fat and not ready to have all eyes on me. I was especially not thrilled to have Rebecca (who is one of the kindest people I have ever met) show up to forever capture the moments of my wedding. Rebecca came in that Sunday morning and made me feel instantly at ease. She made herself fit right in with the family, our friends, and most importantly of all made us all feel comfortable, so comfortable we forgot she was there with a camera! Now, don't take that the wrong way because the photos we have that were taken when we thought no one was looking are INCREDIBLE! Just out of this world awesome. When we rushed around to take photos in every place I have had my heart set on since forever, Rebecca stayed clam, relaxed, encouraging, she had amazing ideas and work tirelessly to get the best shot. Of course despite my image issues I was having my wedding day was amazing and I loved every second. Then I received the photos from Rebecca, the moment of truth came, that moment I got to see what everyone else saw that day, my anxiety grew when I started clicking through the pictures. They were outstanding. Down right OUTSTANDING! Every shot captured a special perfect moment of that day, I saw a beautiful bride full of confidence and grace. The pictures were soft, romantic, and brilliant with fall color, everything I had asked for when we had discussed my ideal wedding photos came to light right before my eyes!!! Rebecca is a talented, amazing, kind, professional that I enjoyed working with immensely. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for an amazing photographer."    Amanda Rosenbaum
"Rebecca is by far the most patient photographer. Our wedding was extremely short notice, she was there when we needed her, without hesitation, she fit us in. When taking our family photos, our two year old was not wanting to sit, but Rebecca captured amazing family photos, she was extremely patient. She captures the special moments, and all the tiny details that you put into your big day. Hands down, best photographer. I highly recommend her, for anyone's wedding"...Amanda
"It is with great pleasure I write this letter on behalf of Rebecca . Rebecca has been our photographer for the past four years. She has photographed our engagement, wedding and the growth of our family. There is no other photographer I would entrust with these important moments. The pictures she has taken are absolutely breathtaking. Rebecca made sure that my husband and I were completely satisfied throughout the entire experience. From meeting with us prior to the big day and making sure we were put at ease with any questions we had, to making sure every special moment was captured the day of the wedding. She has an amazing attention to detail and made sure all of our pictures came out perfect. Rebecca did an amazing job getting everyone together for all of the group pictures that we requested, she kept everyone together and smiling on the 90 degree day. There were so many beautiful moments captured throughout the entire day. The formal and informal pictures she takes are stunning. There are so many beautiful images of my husband and me dancing or laughing the day of our wedding as well as the guests enjoying the day. After the wedding, it was so amazing going through all of the images and reliving the experience or seeing things that we had missed during the busy day.There are not enough wonderful things I can say about Rebecca , she truly is an amazing photographer and made our wedding day and many other occasions very special." ...Laura

"We picked Rebecca (Becca) as our wedding photographer for our September 2013 wedding. She had done previous pictures for us and we knew we were in good hands. Becca met with us before our wedding and we discussed ideas and pictures that we wanted to get done and our time frame that we wanted them done by. She was so easy to work with. She really listed to us and had amazing ideas for our wedding party. She took into consideration that we had a little one and with his attention span being short she was able to get the necessary pictures with him in them done first. She was able to get him to smile and look at the camera and he still loves seeing her and getting his pictures done by her. We had such a good time with Becca. She made it easy to smile at the camera and we didn't feel like we were forcing our smile. The whole day she went above and beyond for us. She captures the most important moments of our day and got some great candid shots that we will treasure forever. She was able to capture our true emotions and feelings. She took so many pictures and we are thrilled with the results of our photos. With my past experience with Becca I am consistently recommending her to other families. Becca demonstrates professionalism and passion for the job with every session my family and I have completed with her. I wouldn't have any other photographer." ...Micheala


"Rebecca is absolutely amazing! We saw her for family photos/1 year old photos for our baby girl. Rebecca is amazing with kids!! Despite us scheduling a 6:30pm photo shoot (with a normal 7/7:30 bed time), Rebecca kept our daughter engaged and managed to get AMAZING photos in between the tears! Rebecca even let us bring our dog in for family photos! We will absolutely use Rebecca again and would recommend her to everyone!!" ...Andrea Spelman